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FREE Drama Script for Good Friday Worship

Good Friday Meditation for Private or Corporate Worship
The death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His subsequent resurrection from the dead is the focal point of all history. Our lives are measured by how we choose to view the sacrifice of God’s Son to redeem sinful man from eternal separation from God. This […]

The Value of a Family Literacy Lifestyle

Look what came in the mail today!!

Last spring, I was invited to submit an article to CHAP Magazine–the official quarterly magazine of the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania. We’d taken our Pageant Wagon Publishing books and resources to the CHAP conference in May 2016, attracting the attention of an editor of the magazine. I […]

Sanditon, Teatime, and a New Semester

Welcome 2017!
Our homeschool literary adventures in fall 2016 with Jane Austen and “Another Lady” in Sanditon culminated in a glorious Christmas Tea with vintage elves, Sebastian and Desmond.

Literature Study with Jane
Haley and I spent September through November working through Jane Austen’s final novel–unfinished before her death–Sanditon. She only wrote 11 chapters, largely laying out […]

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    Freshman Literature Study Plan: Mystery, Music, and Men of Iron

Freshman Literature Study Plan: Mystery, Music, and Men of Iron

September is back-to-school month, as it has been for me from the age of five–about a half a century of my life! First, when I was in school. Then, when my children were in school. Then, throughout my classroom teaching years with other people’s children.
Now, all those back-to-school-years-of-experience keep me busy compiling a host of […]

Book Review: Triumph Over Terror

“Questions swirled in our minds: why did these terrorists do such an evil thing?  Where was God? . . . A firefighter who saves lives should not be dead, but he was—his annihilation caused by terrorists who cared nothing about the sanctity of human life . . . Firefighters, police officers, and recovery workers […]

Back To School with Grandma Moses

It’s back-to-school season, once again. Are you ready for another year of teaching and learning?
Though my childhood school days are long past, I can’t help but summon a bit of nostalgia when September rolls around. I close my eyes and scroll back the decades to those simpler, carefree, Mayberry-type days of the early 1960’s. I […]

Using “The Bard and the Bible” in School

Back in my classroom teaching days, I had the joy of introducing the world of Elizabethan England and the works of William Shakespeare to my 7th grade students.

Some of you might wonder at Shakespeare being taught on such an elementary level–especially to a middle school mind. Isn’t Shakespeare supposed to be taught to honor […]

Writers Conference Wrap-up: GPCWC 2016

I start planning for my attendance at the mid-summer Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference in mid-April when registration opens. Being an early-bird to secure my place affords me a nice discount and stirs anticipation for how God will take me to the next level as a writer, speaker, and publisher in the coming year. 

This […]

Christmas Drama in July

I just released my first drama for church, school, and community theatre production!
After four years of resting my two-plus decades of drama ministry, curriculum, and original, performance tested plays in my files, it’s time to raise the curtain on these resources, making them available to churches, schools, and community groups for use. 
First off the […]

Patriotic Book Reviews: Celebrate His Story!

Did you know you are living in a land of miraculous wonders wrought by the hand of God for eternal purposes?
Our Founding Fathers believed that to be the case and established national documents and a form of government never before seen in the earth to just that purpose. You won’t hear this on T.V. […]

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