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  • Our Mission, like the medieval theatrical storytelling pageant wagons of old, is to bring the Miracle, Mystery, and Morality of biblical truth to society through the power of story. The books and mentoring products of Pageant Wagon Publishing are a ray of light in contemporary dark times, restoring all good things and beauty through inspired faire words and life application insights.
  • Our Speaking Programs features Kathryn Ross, author and speaker, igniting a love of literature and learning to target the heart and spirit addressing family audiences and women’s groups. She explores the presence and glory of God in our lives connecting God’s Word to classic literature, history, and the arts through the power of storytelling.
  • Our Book & Blog Publications include high concept picture books, reader’s theatre Bible studies, and family literacy titles. Look for regular blog posts and useful content on writing and creative communication, inspirational topics, and devotional reflection, in addition to books, conference/retreat speaking, and podcasts.
  • Our Drama Publishing Services provide churches, schools, and community theatre groups with quality dramas suitable for all ages. Featured genres include Bible dramas, old-fashioned American melodrama, history re-enactments, holiday programs, and more, available at affordable royalty fees.
  • Our Monthly Storytelling PODCAST @ The Writer’s Reverie features performance storyteller, Kathryn Ross presenting entertaining, informative, and inspirational, audio programs for family listening. Tune in to The Writer’s Reverie Podcast for enrichment to your family literacy lifestyle–for all ages, all at the same time! Here’s the latest from Miss Kathy:
Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History


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A cast of nine actors transport the imaginations of church, school, or community theatre audiences behind-the-scenes to a 1940’s radio station for a special broadcast of The Adventures of Marshall Mission: Christmas Takes a Holiday

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This entertaining and inspiring one-act comedy keeps the laughs coming with a three episode Marshall Mission cliffhanger story sponsored by hilarious commercial products like Heavenly House Coffee and the Manna Mix Baking Company. But don’t be fooled by the campy comedy fun–there are powerful biblical principles illustrated in song and story that will engage young and old, alike, allowing for constructive conversation for life application. Ensemble acting makes this a great drama choice for youth groups and students grades five and up. Royalty fees for performances include one Director Script including production notes and study guides, plus 12 Actor Scripts..  

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Home of Fable Springs Parables High Concept Picture Books and Study Guides 

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Bugaboo Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize is a delight, a wonderful addition to any classroom literacy program. The lessons we learn from Bugaboo are timeless, everlasting principles for young and old alike. By composing the story in rhyme, Miss Kathy has her readers traveling melodiously into the village of Fable Springs, where they are enraptured by Noah Berge’s charming illustrations. The glossary, fascinating facts, and the discussion guide add to the versatility of the book and its applicability in a school setting. As a Christian school principal, I wholeheartedly endorse Bugaboo Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize. Congratulations to Miss Kathy and her team for an extraordinary work.

Charlene Robillard, Principal, East Gate Christian Academy

Kathryn Ross takes us to an enchanted land where adventure meets learning. The characters in this magical world captivate young imaginations and speak to hearts of all ages. Who can’t relate to Bugaboo’s haste to bypass seemingly trivial stages of life? Full of practical application, Bugaboo’s journey opens up space for parents to dialogue with children about the values they live and grow by.

Rich Nichols, Director, Family Strengthening Network             

Beautifully illustrated with a captivating story, this is more than a picture book. Kathryn Ross and Noah Berge provide a fresh perspective of traditional values and life lessons that will spark thoughtful discussion from toddlers to grandparents. You and your family will want to bask in these pages, a creative combination of poetry and story. Who knew that revisiting Old MacDonald’s Farm may very well lead to “a legacy of beauty, truth, and right you’ll want to pursue with all your might”?

Candy Abbott, Author/Publisher, and Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

The children brought out your “Mother Chicken’s Eggs” book. I sat on the couch with all three (now ages 9, 10, and 11) huddled around me, eagerly awaiting story time. They have heard your story before. They know the ending. But they were as excited as if it were the first time they were hearing it. At times they read in unison with me. I did not correct them. Their faces displayed the critical thinking taking place inside their minds. They were asking questions, analyzing, applying this story to life and Bible scriptures they have learned. This brought me great joy. Thank you for writing such a beautiful book.

Nikkole Hollenweger, Parent and Teacher

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Home of  The Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books

Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink

Yee Haw! I just got through reading “Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink” and it brought such joy to my heart. Not only is the material interactive and creative, it is well presented for a variety of environments. This interactive Bible Study Adventure is superbly packaged to delight, entertain, educate and thoroughly strike a chord of truth in all who participate. I, for one, like digging for truth and the nuggets of truth shared in the Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books are worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend you getting a copy and then spread the news. Knowing Edward & Kathryn Ross for many years, I can bet there is plenty more gold to be mined in the near future. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this foundational of all Gold Rushes. Stake your claim!

Dr. Ronald L. Bernier, Pastor of Master Builder Ministries, Headmaster, East Gate Christian Academy

As a pastor’s wife, children’s church leader and former home school mom of fifteen years, I am VERY impressed with Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink in the new Drama and Derring-Do Books by Ed and Kathryn Ross. From the entertaining play to the lesson to the game to the song, it is well put-together, clever, fun, and scripturally sound. I will recommend it to EVERYONE!

Jeanette Levellie, author, speaker, editor and humorist

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For the drama ministry director ~ how do you shepherd a cast and crew while maintaining a high standard in theatrical production? I share a few of my best practices on that score in this short excerpt from my upcoming drama curriculum for church and school, The Creative Process: God’s Story Onstage!

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Do you have a field of hopes and dreams that appears to be blocked by impassable gates?

If you’ve set out on a path of creativity as a writer or artist ~ or have made ambitious choices in your career aspirations, as a homeschool family, or a Christian disciple, then you need to seek out the Gatekeepers in your life! 

Author Kathryn Ross explores what it takes to possess and turn the Key of Opportunity and open the gateway of your portal to potential through the power of story. 

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This inspiring metaphorical tale is chock full of good things and beauty! It includes:

~ A reflection and journal guide

~ Links for further study

~ Thought provoking questions

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