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Writing Workshops  

Topics for writers seeking to build their skills and understanding of the independent publishing options for their manuscripts in development. Crafting story for illustrating biblical truth and literacy education. Flexible format for entry level writers, intermediates, and student writers (elementary through high school), and writer’s conferences.

  • Independent Publishing: Your Pen’s Portal to Potential
  • Your Story: A Teaching Tool Box for God’s Glory
  • Scripting Your Online Book Launch Party Event


Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for JournalingFragrant Fields

Poetic Reflections for Journaling

Featuring a dramatized reading of Masterpiece in the Meadow, Romance of the Ruins, and more devotional poetic works by Kathryn Ross, explore the importance of rest, retreat, and renewal–and the joy of being “romanced in our ruin” by  our Suitor Shepherd. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

  • Retreat & Conference Program 
  • Tea and Banquet Version Available



The Cameo Christian: Becoming a Work of Art Raised-up and Set Apart to ShineThe Cameo Christian


Cassis Cameo is pulled from the bottom of the sea and placed into the Cameo Master’s hands. Therein begins her journey through the step by step process of crafting a one-of-a-kind work of art–a sculpture in relief, raised up and set apart to shine. The craft of carving a cameo dramatically illustrates the work of God in the life of a Christian submitted to His will. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

  • Retreat & Conference Program 
  • Tea, Banquet, 4 Part Conference Version Available


The Gatekeeper's Key: Crossing Thresholds through Portals of PotentialThe Gatekeeper’s Key

In Wannabe Village, Weaver lingers on the corner of Waiting Lane, wondering when she will receive an Invitation to come, and a Key to unlock, the gateway to her Field of Dreams.If you’ve ever struggled feeling stuck in a gated confine, unable to cross thresholds through the portal of your potential into the field of your hopes and dreams, your calling in life—perhaps even the borders of salvation—Weaver’s story-world meditations are a ray of light to help you discern your place and season. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

  • Retreat & Conference Program 
  • Tea, Banquet, 4 Part Conference Version Available


When Heaven and Earth Embrace



When Heaven & Earth Embrace

Explore  the character of God built into Creation at the intersection of where Heaven and Earth embrace. Scripture leads us to simplify our lives. When we declutter from the machinations of modern living, our senses sharpen and we recognize our Lord’s signature on the love letter of His Creation.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

  • Retreat & Conference Program
  • Tea and Banquet Version Available



Principle Approach Homeschool

Drawing on years of experience teaching Principle Approach centered academics in Christian and homeschool settings, Miss Kathy has developed a series of training workshops to equip the novice and veteran homeschool parent with the tools they need to develop a vision for their children’s home education from a biblical worldview. Understanding the times within the context of a philosophy of education, parents will discover the power of teaching and learning all subjects from an historical timeline, primary sources, and the power of story–His Story. Prepare your children to confidently walk in the fullness of their calling with the strength of a bibilical worldview and critical thinking and reasoning skills. Become the “living textbook” of all subjects through Principle Approach education–in the pattern of the Founding Father’s era of American History. Writing, literature, history, and the arts play an interactive part in this customized approach to developing academic disciplines and communication skills. Learn how to choose curriculum wisely and sparingly–and how to write your own!


Bugaboo-Bee's Bop CoverFable Springs Parables Book Two

Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize

We all have a little Bugaboo in us when it comes to walking in seasons of patience and longsuffering as we wait on the Lord for the prize of His promises. Through the power of story we explore the secrets of the beehive. What do the bees know about turning the bitter pollens into sweet honey? What must we cultivate in our life to be able to do the “bee-dance” and communicate the joy of the Lord to others? Like all Fable Springs Parables, programs are customized for children, families, and women’s groups.

  • Author/Illustrator Tour with Noah Berge and Haley Richardson for children and families.
  • Tea, Banquet, 4 Part Conference Version for women’s groups available after April 2016

Mother Chicken's Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things book coverFable Springs Parables Book One

Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things


Peel back the layers of this parable and discover biblical principles to overcome the things that keep us stuck in a metaphorical  eggshell. With a peck, peck here–and a peck, peck there–we’ll explore what every baby chick knows about breaking through eggshell obstacles in order to grow into the greater things God has planned.  

  • Author/Illustrator Tour with Noah Berge and Haley Richardson
  • Tea, Banquet, 4 Part Conference Version Available After January 2016



Clementine Jones and Miss Wanda, Ed and Kathryn RossThe Adventures of Clementine Jones:

Digging for Gold in God’s Word

– Book NOW for your Church Family Night or Children’s Church Event
Featuring Ed & Kathryn Ross, Performance Biblical Storytelling

Dig into God’s Word and discover Golden Nuggets of God’s Truth to apply to your life with Wild West gold prospector, Clementine Jones and his Wanda Wordwise, proving to children of all ages that, “There’s GOLD in that there Bible! YeeHAW!”

Clementine Jones Drama & Derring Do Books Available!
Wild West Themes ~ Designed for the Whole Church Family!


Hats off to the Ladies


Features displays of vintage hats and accessories and the stories they tell about who we are as women and the hat God desires us to wear. Tea and Banquet Program. CLICK HERE FOR A PEEK AT A PROGRAM.





Prayer Closet Clutter: Finding Your Garment of Praise


Features displays of vintage/historical clothing and accessories with tell-tale stories of those things that need organizing in our mind and heart, so we can find our garment of praise. Tea and Banquet Program





As Little Children: Restoring Innocence


Featuring displays of vintage toys and dolls with nostalgic tales to stir and restore the innocence of childhood in a weary grown-up world. Tea and Banquet Program





Literary Ladies: Tea with Jane Austen


Features a display of Jane Austen’s works and faux relics in a one hour dramatization of select works and narrative of Jane’s life—with Tea. Tea and Banquet Program





Literary Ladies: In the Garden with Beatrix Potter


Features a display of Beatrix Potter’s works and faux relics in a one hour dramatization of select works and narrative of Miss Potter’s life. Tea and Banquet Program





Book Dramatization: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


One hour book dramatization read from Miss Kathy’s original adaptation. Designed for School, Church, Library, or Community Event






Book Dramatization:

The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis


One hour book dramatization read from Miss Kathy’s original adaptation. Designed for School, Church, Library, or Community Event



NOTE: Fees vary according to program and travel requirements.

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