Reading opens wide the portals of time and space for young and old. Words leap from the pages, captivating readers into worlds of thought and imagination. Of ideas and inspiration. Treasure troves of purpose and potential are discovered there.

But what’s to be done for the student who shrinks from engaging their world and grow into greater things through regular and quality reading? The quest for the parent of a less than enthusiastic reader is to engage them in literacy assignments using what I call, LITERARY FORENSICS.

Literary Forensics Pageant Wagon Publishing

Literacy skills must be developed beyond simply reading words. But, how do we challenge our children to “read deep?” To dig into the elements of story and written communication through THOUGHT-FILLED reading? To unearth evidences for proofs towards critical thinking, reasoning, worldview impact, and personal growth?

LITERARY FORENSICS are constructive tools to the purpose–and they aren’t new. Actually, they’re classic in nature, however fallen out of fashion in much of contemporary education. Homeschool families possess greater opportunities to re-discover some of these common-sense, time-tested activities to engage lethargic readers–especially adolescent and teen boys.

Statistics prove that when boys reach middle and high school grade levels, their interest in reading slips. They fall behind girls of the same age in literacy acumen.  Many families struggle to keep their boys engaged in reading during this transition from childhood to youth and young adult. Great changes take place in a young boy’s physical body and emotional maturity. They distract easily. Their days crowd with activity and the pursuit of wider interests such as sports and the changing spheres of a social life. They crave action and movement. Reading becomes boring as they grow too busy, preferring these other activities. Click the image below for literacy tips and statistics:

Click image for why boys struggle with reading.

Earlier this year I developed the My Every-Day-a-Story Journal: For Girls Who Read and For Boys Who Read (click the image link below), a six-month daily record-keeping tool for charting the reading adventures of students from kindergarten through fifth grade. These journals exercise the student, and help parents lay the foundation for a disciplined, thoughtful approach to mastering study habits. Strong literacy skills develop through joint parent-directed reading and record-keeping sessions.

My Every-Day-a-Story Journal

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But reading success in elementary years may dissolve into starting all over again with the advent of middle school changes. What used to work, doesn’t anymore. Creative flexibility within the boundaries of disciplined academics is necessary–especially for boys.

In middle and high school years, boys seek greater independence. This is a good thing. But, if they grow reluctant in furthering literacy habits, parents and teachers must tap into equal parts of inventiveness and instruction. 

To that end, the foundations begun through the use of My Every-Day-a-Story Journals transitions into the employ of My Every-Week-a-Read Literary Forensics Journal. This customized academic tool for advancing literacy skills in boys continues the weekly recording of reading reports in three steps: Read, Write, and Build. 

Every-Week-a-Read Literary Forensics Journal Pageant Wagon Publishing

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READ: Tips for choosing varied literature styles beyond fiction such as non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers.

WRITE: “Forensically” break down the material read into a detailed report, forcing deeper analysis of language and concept comprehension. 

BUILD: Engage the reading material 3-dimensionally with follow-up creative building activities and more.

Captivating the unique interest level of boy readers is key to helping them continue to grow strong literacy skills, equipping them for success in life. The Literacy Journals from Pageant Wagon Publishing can be an indispensable academic tool to the purpose.  

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Note: Do you live in a state where homeschool laws require you to present evidence of student work for evaluation? The Literacy Journals from Pageant Wagon Publishing are the perfect means to the purpose!


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