Kind Words of Endorsement . . .

About Kathryn Ross

What a great lady! She is a warrior of encouragement, entertaining, and God just shines through her. Her spirit sparkles through her books and talks, and speaking with her in person is a joy! Her story characters are adorable, and great life lessons are found in her books. she is a charismatic speaker (and fun to watch!) as she tells her tales in a biblical light; she is a treasure to hear for both kids and adults!

~ Beth Brubaker, Author

“Kathryn Ross, I really love how you write. The way you use parables is similar to the way I write my children’s books. (You have) inspired me not to be afraid or discouraged with my own calling to write. I need to do the work the Lord has assigned to me and I too must lay my heart open to all. Thank you . . . for being obedient to your assignment here on earth and how you have touched and inspired this new writer. Reading your work has inspired me to pull my work out of the files and finally pursue what I know the Lord has called me to, write!”

~ Trish Weldon, Writer

“Welcome to the world of Kathryn Ross! “Miss Kathy” is a unique author. I have found her writing to be delightfully informative and whimsically imaginative. Her creative style serves to bring the reader to a place of “story” – where the mind and heart are given permission to dream. It’s a magical place where one is free to become childlike, and an enchanting place to understand the real meaning of life in a deeper way. May you be captivated, as I am, by her charming words and thoughtful insights. I heartily invite you to enter Kathryn’s wonder-full realm of fantasy, fable, and fundamental Truth.”

~ Sharon Kirby, Blogging at Sharon Sharing God

“Kathryn “Miss Kathy” Ross is a writer, speaker, and performance storyteller. Her enthusiasm and charm is magnetic. This interview is a must read as Miss Kathy tugs at your heartstrings. You will fall in love with her personally as well as walk away with insight and a desire to use the resources God has called her to create. My advice to those reading this interview: Do not do another thing until you have taken time to see her website. It is beautiful and one can get lost there for a long time perusing through all her treasures.”

~ Vicki Palaganas, Writer

“Kathryn is both a gifted writer and speaker who has a special way of using the written and spoken word to stir up deeper thinking and action in both children and adults. She is a kind, compassionate soul that truly lives out her faith every day. Everyone who comes in contact with Kathy not only feels cared for, but also, more knowledgeable and confident about their own faith and how to become who God created them to be.”

~ Adrienne Richardson, Facebook Advertising Consultant

“Meet Miss Kathy, a “climb-inside-a-book” author and storyteller whose primary passion is to introduce children of all ages to the love and care of their heavenly Father.  Beckoning with dancing words and entrancing, whimsical illustrations (by a young, talented Noah Berge), Miss Kathy pied-pipers her listeners into worlds of great value, courage and strength.   And we, who have sat at her feet, can only leave this world of story, implanted and chirping with optimism, hope and joy!”

Cindy Mann, Homeschool Teacher

“Reading has always been a passion of mine. But children’s stories hold a very special place in my heart. I believe my love of books was one of the main reasons I became an elementary teacher. But when I became a grandmother reading stories took on a whole different meaning. Reading about a storyteller and her little “companion” peaked my curiosity and I knew I had to take my little granddaughters to hear what became a weekly ritual for us, regularly attending a local story-time program called, Tale Spin Stories. Kathryn Ross (aka Miss Kathy ) and her faithful mouse mascot companion, Toby TaleSpinner, instilled a love of literature into my grandchildren. Her passion for her work and her love of literature shone through week after week. She encouraged the children to always broaden their horizons by selecting different types of literature to read. Through songs, puppetry and storytelling my granddaughters learned that reading a book could take you to places you dreamed about. Not only did Miss Kathy tell stories, she also included showing children how to properly answer questions, gave them the experience of having tea parties, and the proper manners to display at such an event. Week after week we were treated to Miss Kathy’s stories. What a wonderful introduction to literature my granddaughters had. They are now much older but always talk about our story-time experiences. Thank you Kathryn, for giving us such wonderful memories and the chance to explore the world of literature.”

~ Mrs. Betty Tamagni

I soaked up your book. The illustrations are engaging. You are a gifted storyteller.

~ Jewell Utt

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