Invitation to a Poem Homeschool EnrichmentComing Spring 2018


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Poetry is the most ancient and effective form of literature. It stimulates the heart faster than prose using prosody—rhythm, musical lines, sense impressions and language. Poetry develops the “inner ear” of reflective listening and reflective learning.

From the beginning of time, man listened to the sounds around him in God’s Creation, absorbing audio inspiration. He memorialized events, emotions, and his musings of life and living using the natural music-like rhythms of language and sound—across cultures and ages.

This is Poetry!

You are invited to explore how this literary genre has helped “others see and hear what they might pass by” through this creative study of a poetry, engaging the language of heart and words.

In this Intermediate Level  course you’ll learn:

Introduction: Essay—Poetic Reflections for the Teacher

PART I: Defining of Terms

            Lesson 1—Philosophy

            Lesson 2—Vocabulary

Lesson 3—Imagery Workshop

PART II: Invitation to a Poem

            Lesson 4—Poetic Language Tools: Patterns, Genre, and Figures of Speech

            Lesson 5—Poetry Study Methodology: Introduce sample, The Trees, by Joyce Kilmer                                    

PART III: Imitation of the Art

            Lesson 6—Assigned Poem Study and Recitation

            Lesson 7—Original Poetry Writing Workshop and Publication

PART IV: Evaluation

  1. Quiz Grades—5 each
  2. Assignment Grades
  3. Test Grade—1 each
  4. Project Grades
  5. Assigned poem
  6. Original poem


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