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Make the most of your reading and storytelling experiences at Pageant Wagon Publishing with this growing list of FREE PRINTABLES for children of all ages!

A good story doesn’t end on the last page. Now that you have read the words and soaked in the images, you can get your hands on the lasting impact of the story through the arts. Craft projects, drama exercises, journal assignments and more are great follow-ups to your reading experiences–no matter what age you are!

Enrichment artist, performance storyteller, and author of Fable Springs Parables Picture Books and Study Guides, Kathryn Ross, provides FREE PRINTABLE exercises to compliment her own works, in addition to other literary works, adding follow-up impact and purpose to your educational and pleasure reading.

Reading comprehension, reflective learning, critical thinking, and creativity are strengthened–and the story experience fully realized–when the arts are employed to further the impact a good book can have on your life. Keep the crafts supply closet fully stocked and clear time in your busy day for imagination exercises with these artistic projects: 

Christian Writer’s Self-Editing Checklist

Do you have a desire to weave words that influence? Christian writers have a great message to share. Whether it’s through a blog post, social media communications, periodical writing, fiction or non-fiction books, or even just a letter to the editor, writing demands rewriting. Use this handy Self-Editing Checklist from Pageant Wagon Publishing to review and revise your drafts until you have woven words that engage, compel, and influence. Contact PWP for information about our Book Shepherding Services if you know you have a book inside of you waiting for the right mentor and independent publisher to turn your idea into the reality of a print book with your name on the spine!

Literacy Banner Craft

Literacy Banner Craft

Build this inspiring banner to string across your homeschool classroom as you work through the 26 weeks of reading and literacy adventures recorded in My Every-Day-a-Story Journal and My Every-Week-a-Book Journal. Included are cut-outs of each Character-Values Action Word featured in the journals for grades K through 5 and grades 6 through high school. Simple color, cut, and string directions make this an excellent companion to the journal pages recording the details of a student’s weekly reading. Includes 26 word badges for each journal. Click on the journal titles linked above for more information and links to purchase.

The Centurion’s Monologue FREE Drama for Holy Week Worship

The Centurion's Monologue FREE PRINTABLE script for worship

A powerful piece of theatre in performance, The Centurion’s Monologue runs about 7-10 minutes, dramatizing the biblical account of the Roman Centurion at the cross, profoundly impacted by the death of Jesus, declaring that, “Surely this man was the Son of God.” I’m releasing this excerpt from my stash of theatrical plays, waiving all royalties, to make it available for Christians wishing to incorporate a drama element into their Easter week services. Use freely as part of small group Bible studies, Good Friday services, Christian school chapel services, or as a personal reflection for prayerful meditation and journaling.

Shakespeare Puzzle Page

Shakespeare is credited with inventing approximately 2000 words and many common phrases that we use in our everyday language. His host of plays continue to be performed and he himself is looked upon with reverence in the lexicon of our Western literary heritage. Here’s a short exercise to introduce you to some of the words traced to being used for the first time by him–though, there is evidence that many of the words credited to him may have been borrowed by English Bible translator and martyr, William Tyndale from 100 years earlier. Enjoy this free printable and don’t miss our Shakespeare Anthology Onstage theatrical script for early elementary and middle school drama production coming soon. Check the Currently Available drop-down menu under the Drama Scripts tab for news of release when available. 

crossword WM pg

Betsy Ross and the 5 Pointed Star

star drop shadow

When George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to create the first American flag in the spring of 1776, his design featured a six-pointed star. He thought cutting equal sides in a six-pointed star would be easier than a five pointed star. However, Betsy knew better. She astounded him with her demonstration of how easy it was to cut equal sided five point stars from fabric with just a few folds and a scissor snip. Here’s a tutorial to do just that. The directions call for practice on an 8×10 sheet of paper, but you can make any size star following those dimensions larger or smaller. Download and plan a star-spangled celebration for patriotic holidays, Christmas celebrations, or planetarium studies.

Timeline of Christian History–His Story

Christian History Timeline, Principle Approach, Pageant Wagon Publishing

Are you a Christian family or homeschool family looking for a way to organize your understanding of world history? A timeline of history is a great tool to do just that! History is His Story–God’s Story of his dealings with mankind in the earth. Beginning with Creation and the Fall, we can see how God works His plan through various times and seasons. We get a better grasp of how the choices made by one generation have a world changing impact on another generation–sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Fear not–God is in it all for the purposes of those who love Him to grow into greater things! 

Inspired by the Christian History Timelines used in Principle Approach Education via the Foundation for American Christian Education in Chesapeake, Virginia, I have created a useful 12 image printable timeline that can be used in a variety of ways:

1. String jute or cloths-line from one upper corner of the wall to another in your homeschool classroom or church Sunday School/Children’s Church room.

2. Print out the images on this FREE Printable PDF on card stock. 

3. Place each in a sheet protector and trim off the three holed side OR laminate onto poster board for more strength

4. Use clothespins to attach each of the twelve 8.5×11 images depicting an epoch of His Story evenly on the line.

As you teach Bible and world history, you can visually see where each story took place in the timeline of history. The images can also be used as dividers in binder notebooks. 

For more information on teaching history via timelines and our American Christian History, visit www.face.net.

NEW: Step-by-Step Draw Bugaboo-Bee!

Fable Springs Parables illustrator, Noah Berge, brought Bugaboo-Bee to life with whimsy and charm–even when she acted out, causing a bally-hoo of chaos in the beehive at Bee Haven Towers in Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize. Here’s your step by step tutorial to recreating your own version of Noah’s Bugaboo. Remember–all things done in ordered steps with patience for the prize!!

bugaboo draw

Mr. P. W. Pickwick, The Literacy Cat Bookmark!

Live the life of a Literacy Cat:  ” . . . enlarging (your) sphere of observation to the advancement of knowledge and the diffusion of learning.”                                                     Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, 1837

Charles Dickens shot to worldwide fame in 1837 with his first novel, The Pickwick Papers. He has been settled securely in the annuls of literature as a premier author, storyteller, and wordsmith. He is one of my favorite writers, using the richness of the English language in all its loquacious glory, to weave complex and compelling stories through unforgettable characters.

Like Mr. Samuel Pickwick–an unlikely late middle-aged hero of great girth and greater heart. His thirst for life and love of learning compels him to set out with three companions on a series of hilarious sporting and travel adventures. Through it all he is a character of integrity and generosity, leaving a mark of kindness and well being wherever he trod–even in the perils of a debtors prison. Being a literate, God-fearing, and well read man, his lifetime of reading and principles served him well in dark places. 

This is the inspiration for our Pageant Wagon Publishing Literacy Cat Mascot: Mr. P.W. Pickwick–looking very like Miss Kathy’s own furry literary cat, a copper/marmalade tabby named Copperfield (after another stalwart Dickens character).  

Rendered in cartoon illustration by young artist/designer Dana Berge (talented sister to our Fable Springs Parables illustrator, Noah Berge) our Mr. Pickwick sits atop a bookmark make-and-take craft perfect for summer reading programs, homeschool families, cat lovers, and book lovers of all kinds.


  • Use Mr. Pickwick to keep your  place in the many books you read!
  • Jot down a record of your finished book titles on the back of the bookmark!
  • Snap photos of you, your book, and Mr. Pickwick sitting atop holding your spot in the many strange and unusual places you find space to read–literacy can happen anywhere!
  • Post your Mr. Pickwick bookmark photos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media sites!
  • Share your love of books and literacy with others using your reading adventures with Mr. Pickwick!
  • Link to www.pageantwagonpublishing.com and help spread the word to encourage Family Literacy and life transforming words with the world!

Let’s all be “Pickwickians” together with good books–especially those from Pageant Wagon Publishing

literacy, Pageant Wagon Publishing, Mr. Pickwick Bookmark

Monty Rooster Color Sheet


Are you having a rough time of it lately? Break out the crayons, markers, or colored pencils and color Monty Rooster who has broken out of his hard and bumpy eggshell. Think about how he grew stronger through the rough and tough times with a peck, peck, here, and a peck, peck, there–one peck at a time. Hebrews 12:1-2 

Companion activity to Fable Springs Parables Book 1–Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things.

Little Miss Bliss Color Sheet

Scan_20150722 (2)

Little Miss Bliss spreads a little bit of sunshine and happiness wherever she goes in Fable Springs. Even when there are clouds in the sky of her heart, she knows the sun still shines high above and thinks on greater things. Pull out your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and color Little Miss Bliss full of cheer! Philippians 4:6-8

Companion activity to Fable Springs Parables Book 1–Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things.

Butterflies and Eggs Growing into Greater Things



Here’s a fun follow-up Craft to Fable Springs Parables Book 1–Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things. PDF includes pattern and instructions with step by step visuals to make a paper butterfly. Additional materials needed are scrapbooking paper or regular paper with crayons/markers, 6 inch chenille in any color, and a plastic egg in any color.

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