“There’s  GOLD in that there Bible! YeeHAW!”

Drama & Derring-Do Book One:

Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink

“As a pastor’s wife, children’s church leader and former home school mom of fifteen years, I am VERY impressed with Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink in the new Drama and Derring-Do Books by Ed and Kathryn Ross. From the entertaining play to the lesson to the game to the song, it is well put-together, clever, fun, and scripturally sound. I will recommend it to EVERYONE!”

                                                                                                –Jeanette Levellie, author, speaker, editor and humorist

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It’s hunting season! Clementine and his trusty dog, Beauford, are hitting the trail into the woods on the way to Clementine’s favorite hunting spot. Clementine reminds Beauford to keep to the path and go to the right when they come to the “Y” in the road. But, Funny Bunkin hops by, leading poor Beauford down a dastardly bunny trail. A tussle with a polecat (that’s SKUNK for you Eastern city folks) sends Beauford yelping back to Clementine.

PeeYew! There’s no way Clementine can let old Beauford back into the intimacy of their cozy cabin with all that skunk stink on him. Miss Wanda would have none of it! If only Beauford had obeyed Clementine about which side of the path to stay on!

But, Clementine loves his bestest doggy friend. He knows–there’s only one thing that can remove the stench of Beauford’s stink. It will mean a great sacrifice of something very precious. What will Clementine do to restore a right relationship between man and dog?

AND–what is the nugget of God’s truth in the Bible that can be applied to our lives in the lesson we learn here with Beauford?

Pageant Wagon Publishing makes Clementine and Wanda’s adventures available as family and church discipleship tools, teaching eternal truths through the power of story. Experience God’s Word as a family through interactive elements—both DRAMA and the follow up activities of DERRING-DO:

BONUS: Enjoy this video of Clementine and Wanda in performance of Clementine Jones and the Skunk Stink. The Drama and Derring-Do Book features an expanded reader’s theatre script with extra parts for more folks to join in the storytelling fun. Many thanks to Country Road Bible Church in Pittsgrove, New Jersey, for the video.

  1. Storytelling through dramatic Read Aloud Reader’s Theatre scripts (God’s Golden Truths)
  2. Scripture gold digging (Diggin’ Deeper Family Bible Study with Pick-Axe and Shovel–1JOHN 1:7, 9)
  3. Saving your gold in the bank (Verse Memorization)
  4. Spending your gold in town (Apply God’s Word to Your Life—Living God’s Way)
  5. Giving your gold away (Prayer)
  6. 70 page robust curriculum with flexibility for many venues

SALE PRICE $16.99 

Comes printed on one-side for ease of use, 3 hole punched and ready to slip into your binder.

BONUS: Gameboard!

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