Clementine collage

“There’s  GOLD in that there Bible! YeeHAW!”

Drama & Derring-Do Book Three:

Clementine Jones and the Cabin Built on Sand


Old Clementine has been saving up some gold and silver to buy him and Miss Wanda one of those DIY log cabins! They found some land by the sea and the day finally arrives when the cabin will be delivered–on a truckload of bits and pieces. 

Miss Wanda is dreaming about all her pertty decorations and curtains, but first the cabin must be built good and strong. They have to decide whether to build it on the hard rock ground near the cliff or on the sandy beach close to the water and restful waves. 

Clementine is too excited to get started and thinks using the instruction book will take too long. He’s sure he can figure out how all the pieces fit together just fine by himself. Miss Wanda ain’t so sure about that, though. Why would the cabin come with an instruction book if you could figure it all out by yourself just fine?

But, before she can say “Home Sweet Home”, Clementine is already hammering nails and what-all right there on the beach! Things seem to be going along just fine until they spot a cloud on the horizon.

Did that old instruction book have anything to say about what to do in case of rain, wind, and lightnin’ storms? The foundation of Clementine’s choices will be sorely tested with dire consequences. How will they get of of this one!?

Pageant Wagon Publishing makes Clementine and Wanda’s adventures available as family and church discipleship tools, teaching eternal truths through the power of story. Experience God’s Word as a family through interactive elements—both DRAMA and the follow up activities of DERRING-DO:

  1. Storytelling through dramatic Read Aloud Reader’s Theatre scripts (God’s Golden Truths)
  2. Scripture gold digging (Diggin’ Deeper Family Bible Study with Pick-Axe and Shovel–MATTHEW 7:24-29)
  3. Saving your gold in the bank (Verse Memorization)
  4. Spending your gold in town (Apply God’s Word to Your Life—Living God’s Way)
  5. Giving your gold away (Prayer)

Availability Pending

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