Altered Teacups Illustrate a Love of Literature

To end our first semester studying the classics of Western civilization’s literary legacy, we designed and created altered teacups to illustrate our love of literature.

Haley and I made time in November to plan and begin work on our projects, putting the finishing touches on them after our delicious Christmas teatime–an annual tradition. Read all […]

Is This Assignment Over Their Head?

This assignment might be over her head, I thought to myself after Haley left at the conclusion of our weekly literature and language arts class.

I’ve been mentoring this bright young homeschool student for a few years in literature and writing. We’ve just embarked on literary adventures for her sophomore high school studies with an […]

Homeschool Plan: 10th Grade Literature Studies

Have you seen what Haley and I are up to this homeschool year as we kick off her sophomore journey into literature and language arts? Click HERE to visit The Writer’s Reverie for an inspiring post about how we’re exploring our WESTERN LITERARY HERITAGE using the excellent overview text, Invitation to the Classics–plus a […]

Boys & Reading: Literary Forensic Journals

Reading opens wide the portals of time and space for young and old. Words leap from the pages, captivating readers into worlds of thought and imagination. Of ideas and inspiration. Treasure troves of purpose and potential are discovered there.

But what’s to be done for the student who shrinks from engaging their world and grow into […]

The Value of a Family Literacy Lifestyle

Look what came in the mail today!!

Last spring, I was invited to submit an article to CHAP Magazine–the official quarterly magazine of the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania. We’d taken our Pageant Wagon Publishing books and resources to the CHAP conference in May 2016, attracting the attention of an editor of the magazine. I […]

Sanditon, Teatime, and a New Semester

Welcome 2017!
Our homeschool literary adventures in fall 2016 with Jane Austen and “Another Lady” in Sanditon culminated in a glorious Christmas Tea with vintage elves, Sebastian and Desmond.

Literature Study with Jane
Haley and I spent September through November working through Jane Austen’s final novel–unfinished before her death–Sanditon. She only wrote 11 chapters, largely laying out […]

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    Freshman Literature Study Plan: Mystery, Music, and Men of Iron

Freshman Literature Study Plan: Mystery, Music, and Men of Iron

September is back-to-school month, as it has been for me from the age of five–about a half a century of my life! First, when I was in school. Then, when my children were in school. Then, throughout my classroom teaching years with other people’s children.
Now, all those back-to-school-years-of-experience keep me busy compiling a host of […]

Back To School with Grandma Moses

It’s back-to-school season, once again. Are you ready for another year of teaching and learning?
Though my childhood school days are long past, I can’t help but summon a bit of nostalgia when September rolls around. I close my eyes and scroll back the decades to those simpler, carefree, Mayberry-type days of the early 1960’s. I […]

Literature Study Scrapbook

I first met Haley when she was a little over six years old. She was a little mite of a thing, dangling her feet from a too high chair under spotlights, sharing the stage with veteran Irish musicians. This bundle of fiddling-phenom captivated the audience’s heart at the annual Celtic Celebration. From the day she picked […]

Book Picks & Tips for Homeschool Conventions

It’s conference and convention season! Book publishers of all things teaching and learning are loading up cars, vans, and trucks, heading into a six month schedule of homeschool events across the country!

Pageant Wagon Publishing took a vendor slot last weekend at the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) in the sprawling Farm Show Complex in […]

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