Voting is open to support independent authors and publishers vying for the prized Christian Indie Book Award for 2018! 

Nominated this year, my latest book, The Gatekeeper’s Key, is entered in the Devotionals genre. Inspiring chapters challenge you, through God’s Word and story metaphors from classic literature, to cross the thresholds of opportunity in your life, and step into your destiny and purpose in Christ.

The Book:

Walls may block you from your field of dreams, but every wall has a gate. At those gates, Gatekeepers wait to open wide the doors to fulfill your calling.

Learn how to possess the Key to releasing your gifts, and discover God’s best for your life.

Each riveting chapter expands upon an allegorical short story, detailing the moment Weaver in Wannabe Village comes face to face with her moment to confidently go forth, or shrink back in fear. Will she go? Will you go?

Probing journal prompts, scripture study assignments, and discussion questions, with a bonus appendix of how-to tips for in-depth word studies pack a lot of power between the pages of this book. CLICK HERE to enjoy audio abridged excerpts from four of the chapters, including the dramatized short story inspiration for the book, The Gatekeeper’s Key.

The Speaking Program:

In addition to the book, a dynamic speaking program designed to address a number of concepts raised in The Gatekeeper’s Key, encourages women, artists, and creative communicators. Writer, speaker Kathryn Ross inspires audiences to confidently step out of their comfort zones and grow into greater things, engaging their spheres of influence with the salt and light of God’s truth. Speaking programs include dramatized storytelling, visual displays, and a companion PowerPoint presentation to assist notetakers and visual learners.

But wait! There’s more!

Writers and creatives are enriched through network connections. I’m delighted to introduce you to some talented authors who are also nominated for a Christian Indie Book Award within their genre. Each of them have been gatekeepers in my life and writing career. Their advice, instruction, and mentoring relationship have been keys of opportunity to me, indispensible to my growth as a writer and a publisher. 

I invite you to check out each of their books. If you support me and my work, please consider supporting their work with your VOTE

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click HERE to access the voting ballot and enter your name and email.
  2. Scroll down through each genre group and look for each title and author listed below.
  3. Click the button just above the title you are voting for. 
  4. Click the button at the bottom of the page to submit your votes. You can vote for only one title in each genre.

Non-Fiction Relationship/Family:

I’ve Never Loved Him More
Candy Abbott;
ISBN 978-1938796081

Children Ages 4-8

The Dandelion Patch
MaryAnn Diorio,
Doina Paraschiv;
ISBN 978-0930037475

Willoughby and the
Terribly Itchy Itch

Pam Halter,
Kim Sponaugle;
ISBN 978-1938796111

Non-Fiction Biography

Triumph Over Terror
Bob Ossler
with Janice Hall Heck;
ISBN 978-1683550044

Non-Fiction Devotional

The Gatekeeper’s Key
Kathryn Ross;
ISBN 978-0998177113

Historical Fiction

Return to Bella Terra
MaryAnn Diorio;
ISBN 978-0930037246

A Sicilian Farewell
MaryAnn Diorio;
ISBN 978-0930037239

Fiction General

The Peace Maker
Michele Chynoweth;
ISBN 978-1683500933

The Runaway Prophet
Michele Chynoweth;
ISBN 978-1630478070

Thank you for your active support

to help me cross this threshold of opportunity,

and possess my career goal for 2018!

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