I am delighted to be guest posting monthly at A Thyme for Writers where author and fitness aficionado, Karen Van Den Huevel, shares a host of tips to add spice to your life. Each month Karen features a variety of guest contributors who share her love of healthy living inside and out–and the joys of writing and reading great books! My monthly column is titled, The Write Spice, where I’ll open the spice cabinets in my own kitchen and draw out metaphorical lessons writers can learn from the character of natural flavors to make your writing more flavorful, too!

When Cinnamon Bark Editors Bite

Cinnamon is an indispensable spice for fall recipes and has been a vital ingredient in healing remedies from ancient times. Historical records from China include cinnamon in every prescription used to treat a host of infectious ailments. In addition, cinnamon acts as a stimulant to enliven a weak heart, lift depression, settle digestive issues, and as a tonic for treating the common cold.

Add a little cinnamon bark to your writing with the healing nature of an editor’s bite . . .


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