I am delighted to be guest posting monthly at A Thyme for Writers where author and fitness aficionado, Karen Van Den Huevel, shares a host of tips to add spice to your life. Each month Karen features a variety of guest contributors who share her love of healthy living inside and out–and the joys of writing and reading great books! My monthly column is titled, The Write Spice, where I’ll open the spice cabinets in my own kitchen and draw out metaphorical lessons writers can learn from the character of natural flavors to make your writing more flavorful, too!

Lemon Oil: Clearing Out for a Clean Start

Did you eat too many sweets over the holidays?

I did. And far too many second helpings of festive foods prepared and enjoyed only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though my taste-buds have been blessed, my body cries out for relief from all the celebration. The post-holiday lethargy sets in as my digestive system attempts to process the influx of sugar, cheese, and carbs consumed.

That’s when I reach for the little miracles in my essential oils cabinet—and one in particular: Lemon Oil–a secret weapon to digestive cleansing . . .

. . . and, like a healthy digestive cleanse, I need to collect myself after a busy year, clean the debris left behind, and see clearly my path for writing goals in the new year.

lemon oil clearin out for a clean start for digestion and writersYou, too?

. . . It’s no wonder I can’t see an ounce of wood grain on my desk and have only a path from the door to the printer in my backroom office. I’ve stuffed myself full in my life and work and need to apply some lemon oil to clear the way and make a clean start for a healthy and productive new year . . .

Want to know how?


Check out Karen Van Dan Huevel’s book, Hidden Bloodlines. She uses her experience as a lawyer to craft a engaging romance-thriller celebrating the power of hope, love, and faith. 

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