In Wannabe Village, Weaver lingers on the corner of Waiting Lane, wondering when she will receive an Invitation to come, and a Key to unlock, the gateway to her Field of Dreams.

Discouraged by the admonishments of Mistress Doubts-a-Lot, lately come for tea, Weaver clasps her tapestry of woven words tight to her body, fearing to step out into the courtyard of risk. Instead, she shrinks back, watching other weavers petition the Gatekeeper on the margins of Muchado Wall for an Invitation to pass through the gate to possibility. An unexpected stroke thrusts the coveted missive into her hand, tossed aside by an ungrateful heart. It’s not her Invitation—but it may be her opportunity to confront the Gatekeeper, at last. Will she GO?

If you’ve ever felt stuck within walled confines, paralyzed by fear, intimidated by risk, blocked from crossing the threshold of your full potential into the field of your dreams, desires, or calling in life, Weaver’s story-world meditations provide hope to help you persevere in uncertain days. You’ll find help to discern your place and season, with encouragement to see purpose in boundaries, find comfort in trials, and gain fortitude in going forth. The Gatekeeper’s Key is a treasure for personal devotions or small group Bible study featuring over 100 pages with tools to draw you before the Gatekeeper featuring:

  • Short story,The Gatekeeper’s Key
  • Personal testimonies
  • Excerpts from classic literature
  • Visual imagery
  • Challenge questions for discussion
  • Journal prompts for writing assignments 

Writer, speaker, teacher, and enrichment artist, Kathryn Ross, sweeps readers into the story worlds of Jane Austen, C. S. Lewis, Hannah Hurnard, Marguerite de Angeli, John Bunyan, and others, exploring powerful truths to fulfilling God’s plan for your life. It’s quite a journey, but you’re never alone. Always in His Presence, with an Invitation, a Gatekeeper, and a Key—perhaps more than one. 



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