Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for JournalingI steer the car towards an unexpected

collision course with God’s grace.

There are errands to accomplish,

but they must wait.

Rounding a curve, Jesus meets me face to face in the guise of a fragrant field wild with flowers. This prodigal engaged in the business of busy, pulls to the roadside and sits. Still. Silent. Overwhelmed in wonder and reverie, I drink in the feast of God’s Creation spread lavishly before me. My appetite is quenched.

Hues of purple, gold, and green dazzle my eyes. Honey-bees buzz, performing their God-ordained act of worship amongst the wildflowers—their whirring wings tickle my ears. My nose twitches at the sumptuous scent of lavender and clover wafting over the expanse. I cannot breathe it in deep enough. Inspiration ensues—my mind renews—in all good things and beauty by Fragrant Fields.

Enrichment artist, writer, speaker, and teacher, Kathryn Ross, presents a harvest of devotional poems and dramatizations from her thirty-plus years of creative musings on God’s Word, performance programs, and journal recordings. Let these poetic reflections and narrative prose selections on topics such as intimacy with God, true love, earthly heroes, worship, and solitude, soak into the reader’s own devotional life for the purpose of inspiration and celebration.

Metaphors abound with biblical truth, woven throughout this lyrical landscape. For best results, dig deeply and chew slowly. Challenging journal thoughts and questions prompt you to write in response—like a love letter in thanksgiving to the Lord for such a generous bouquet banquet.



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