Welcome to my monthly guest post at Almost An Author, whose mission is to equip, educate, and encourage writers, giving new writers a place to learn and grow. Each month I’ll be researching the contributions of women writers throughout history and what we can learn from their lives and writing habits in my new series, Lessons from the Ladies: Women Writers in Life and Letters, published on the second day of each month. This month, meet Hrotsvitha, a German nun whose words and stories helped bring the light of literacy into the towns and villages of the dark ages throughout Western Europe.

Hrotsvitha—Lessons from a Medieval Playwright

After the fall of Rome in the 5th century, the spread of Christianity allowed greater opportunities for women as readers and writers. Out of the chaos in the dark ages, ordered communities centered around the establishment of Christian monasteries and abbeys—the lifeline of literacy, scholarship, and intellectual life. Cloistered living afforded devout men and women a way to balance devotion, work, and study.

Into this world, Hrostvitha (rose-vee-tuh) was born in 935, a daughter of noble birth in Gandersheim, Germany. She could look forward to many privileges otherwise denied to the greater population of women, including education.

What is this ancient woman writer notable for contributing to our Western literary heritage? What can we learn from her writing life to inform and inspire our contemporary life in letters? 

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