I am delighted to be guest posting monthly at A Thyme for Writers where author and fitness aficionado, Karen Van Den Huevel, shares a host of tips to add spice to your life. Each month Karen features a variety of guest contributors who share her love of healthy living inside and out–and the joys of writing and reading great books! My monthly column is titled, The Write Spice, where I’ll open the spice cabinets in my own kitchen and draw out metaphorical lessons writers can learn from the character of natural flavors to make your writing more flavorful, too!

Chocolate: Are You a Cacao or Cocoa Writer?

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Chocolate is sweet

And super-good for you!

The glory of a heart-shaped box of chocolates may tickle your taste-buds with luscious flavors, but the cost to your body in cocoa-calories and sugar content has little real health benefits or love for your body in the aftermath. Chocolate is delicious and satisfying to enjoy—but, if overindulged, extra pounds on the scale and sugar-related maladies will require editing . . .

Chocolate: Are You a Cacao or Cocoa Writer? The Write Spice

Only dark chocolate with cacao amounts of 70% and above affect the body for wellness. Quality dark chocolate is less sweet and still adds calories. However, its nutritional value in the areas of anti-oxidants, cardio wellness, brain function, cholesterol control, blood pressure regulation, and more, suggest that cacao chocolate makes it beneficial for daily consumption . . .

So, how do you approach your writing?

Are you a cacao writer or a cocoa writer?


Check out Karen Van Dan Huevel’s book, Hidden Bloodlines. She uses her experience as a lawyer to craft a engaging romance-thriller celebrating the power of hope, love, and faith. 

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