Welcome to Fable Springs Parables!

From the pen of author~storyteller, Kathryn Ross . . .

and the brush of illustrator, Noah Berge . . .

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. . . comes this enchanting “high concept” picture book and study guide series

celebrating timeless truths and the lessons they teach children of all ages. 

Fable Springs Parables

transports the reader to an idyllic English country village

where parables live!

Jesus taught in parables, captivating men, women, and children with piercing non-fictional truths, enfolded in a fictional format. Fairy tales, fables and parables invite a multi-generational audience to step into a make-believe world of metaphorical reflection. Through story, an individual may come to know himself better—and ultimately, God—resulting in a challenge to transform the mind, make personal application of biblical principles, and live life more authentically and intentionally for God’s glory.

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This is the inspiration and cornerstone behind the creation of the world of Fable Springs Parables. Nestled within the fictional borders of Fable Springs—looking very like an idyllic English country village—each full color,high concept picture book in the series is inspired by classic literature and Christian writings. Luminous watercolor and ink illustrations bring characters in the story to life in the tradition of Beatrix Potter.

High Concept Picture Books begin with Books 1 and 2 in the series, Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things, and Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize. Designed to enrich family literacy and discipleship, young and old alike are whisked into a world of thought and discovery. The challenge is in allowing the power of story to make you think beyond the fanciful text and scrumptious illustrations to answer these questions:

  • Where do I see myself in this story?
  • How do I learn more about God’s character through this story?
  • How can I apply to my life the lessons I’ve learned here?

Each story concludes with a discussion questions for independent rumination and quality family conversation. To learn more about our first two titles in the series, hover over the drop down menu under BOOKS and click on the story titles.

But, the picture book is just the beginning!

Companion Audio Book CDs feature Fable Springs Parables author and storyteller, Kathryn Ross, performing each story in a full dramatization. Miss Kathy collaborates on the audio book with 6 time All Ireland Fiddle Champion and the 2015 Fiddler of Dooney Champion, Haley Richardson, providing a soundtrack of traditional Irish tunes to help tell the story. Haley interprets it through music, in the same way Noah interprets the text through illustration. Each companion audio book CD including a narrated introduction, story, reflection questions, and Haley sharing details about the tunes used on the CD.

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Companion Study Guides (PDF format only) include detailed outlines using the Principle Approach® method of literature study to disciple the reader in developing critical thinking skills for a discerning biblical worldview. The three-part each Literature Study Guides and the Devotional Study Guides are modeled after places one might find in a small English country village.

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They help the reader explore the symbolism in the story and the leading ideas presented in a variety of ways:

  • Scripture references
  • Questions to ponder
  • Thoughts to discuss
  • Word studies
  • Dynamic resources for in-depth study
  • Kinetic learning through drama and the arts
  • Creative practical application in the community at large
  • Activities for individual or small group discipleship
  • Appendices with additional instruction
  • Resources and teaching tips for various skill levels, learning styles, and multi-generational venues

Each Study Guide may include variations and combinations of the items listed:


Begin with the three part Literature Study Guide featuring a host of enrichment teaching and learning tools adaptable to varied age groups and learning styles. You’ll spend time in the Wordsworth Library, Act-the-Fact Theatre, and Master Works Art Gallery.

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Stroll into the Devotional Study Guide featuring The Thinking Tree Garden, The Tete-a-Tete Tea Room, and The Village Square where sitting a spell under a splendid willow tree invites you to dig deeper into story with Scriptures, related essays, and journal prompts. Then it’s off to take tea with your friends using small group discussion questions for family devotions, women’s ministry, home study groups, or one-on-one ministry–a selection of teatime recipes and setting embellishments are suggested to enhance the spirit of hospitality and conversation. Challenges to walk out in practical application the lessons you have learned, transformed by His Story, happens when you visit the Fable Springs Village Square!

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The two 3-part Study Guides are a step by step exploration of story and theme using elements of Principle Approach® and Charlotte Mason methodologies, the arts, reflective learning, and contemplative tenants of studying the Scriptures. The guides are not curriculum–but ENRICHMENT MATERIALS that can be easily adapted to the needs of all ages, learning styles, and learning levels.


Enter Fable Springs . . .

Visually inspiring picture books, coupled with companion audio books feature fiddle tunes and the lilting voice of storyteller/author, Miss Kathy. Layers of parable and metaphor engage heart and mind in Fable Springs. Children of all ages and across cultures are invited to stop—and rest in story—like a child. Here, one is renewed in vision and spirit. Clothed in the raiment of fairy tale, folk tale, and nursery rhyme, the stories told in Fable Springs Parables demonstrate life changing truths through captivating word, music, and image.

This is a place to be entered prayerfully

with expectation of all good things and beauty!


 Check out the details of Books 1 and 2 in the Fable Springs Parables Series:

Book 1–Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things

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Book 2–Bugaboo Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize

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Keep all good things and beauty in your life!

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