When you want to engage people during an Online Book Launch Party, you’ll want to prepare a list of questions to invite interaction.

What is your book about? If it is a fiction book, consider the research you did about the time, setting, and significant elements of the plot or characters. What questions can you ask that participants will be able to answer?

For instance, I created a number of questions for my online launch party celebrating the release of my picture book, Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize, related to bee facts and honey trivia. I separated my questions into two categories: Conversation Starters and Game Challenges.

Conversation Starters

These questions are designed to simply engage conversation and extract information from participants about topics related to your book. 

Do you bake with honey?

What’s your favorite recipe using honey?

Position your questions to require more than a “yes” or “no” answer.

Conversation starters can be commands or challenges–not just questions:

Post your best health tip for using honey.

Some questions can help you learn more personal details about your audience:

Have you ever struggled with patience and rushed ahead of God? Tell us your story.

Game Challenges

Games are great ways to engage enthusiastic participation at your party. Each question or challenge should be linked to a specific prize that is won. You introduce the prize with an image posted, and give directions for how to win:

Bugaboo-Bee needs to develop the Fruit of the Spirit in her life.

The first person to post Galatians 5:22 and tell me

which Fruit of the Spirit she lacks in the story, wins the prize.

Participants rush to post their answer. As soon you the first person posts a correct response, comment that they have won and congratulate them, inviting them to Private Message you their mailing address so you can mail off their prize package.

Your questions will be determined by the purpose and elements of your book, fiction or non-fiction. Pace your questions evenly throughout your scripted online party, switching out conversation starters and prize questions with your own presentation of interesting information related to your book.

Clever, creative questions and interactive challenges help to keep your party participants engaged throughout the duration of your online book launch party.

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