Playwriting has been my forte since childhood when, as a stage-struck little girl, everything became story and performance. Plays, puppet shows with my toys, mimicking cartoons and T.V. shows (in the family friendly early 1960’s when it was safe) and more. Once I learned to read and write I voraciously recorded my stories. And, when I was given permission to use mom’s electric typewriter, I was convinced that the script I wrote for an episode of The Brady Bunch would pave a path to Hollywood for me.

vintage typewriter

But, all these things work together for good. Thankfully, The Brady Bunch script was never mailed. My life did not detour to Hollywood. Community threatre apprenticeship took center stage by age twelve and my Saturday afternoons were saturated with studying old movies from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. I filled my head with endless trivia about old movie stars and the look of mid-century fashions. Every movement of the actor, inflection of voice and line delivery, and directorial storytelling choice was filed away in mind and heart.

I learned from the best.

As an adult, my stage and acting experience turned to scriptwriting, directing, and producing. As a Christian, the Lord took me through a three year sanctification process, redeeming my worldly pursuit and purposes in stagecraft and storytelling to His ways and means. He laid the foundation for the drama ministry and creative communication of the Gospel that I’ve walked in for over thirty years.

In that time, I’ve had the joy of telling His Story on the stage to audiences, while using the production time with my casts–young and old–as a means of discipling them in their gifts and relationship with God.

I am now putting my years of drama writing and producing into print for other Christian dramatists in churches, schools, and community theatre groups to use. I’m thrilled to begin the process of publishing these works at affordable royalty and script fees.

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