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"I teach families how to restore their God-given authority as the primary educator in their child’s life through the experience of reading together as a family. Learn how to use literature to create teachable moments, build strong minds, and bind loving hearts." Kathryn Ross, writer, speaker, and dramatist, ignites a love of literature and learning to equip young and old towards developing a Family Literacy Lifestyle—reading together, learning together, loving together. Her works challenge families to deepen their literacy skills and grow into the greater things God has purposed for them. She’s taught in Christian and homeschool circles, trained in the Principle Approach® through the Foundation for American Christian Education. Miss Kathy owns Pageant Wagon Publishing, producing homeschool enrichment materials, devotional works, study guides, and theatrical dramas for church, school, and community production. She podcasts at TheWritersReverie.com and blogs at PageantWagonPublishing.com.
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    A3 Guest Post: Hrotsvitha–Lessons from a Medieval Playwright

A3 Guest Post: Hrotsvitha–Lessons from a Medieval Playwright

Welcome to my monthly guest post at Almost An Author, whose mission is to equip, educate, and encourage writers, giving new writers a place to learn and grow. Each month I’ll be researching the contributions of women writers throughout history and what we can learn from their lives and writing habits in my new series, Lessons from […]

Questions to Engage Guests at Your Online Book Launch Party

When you want to engage people during an Online Book Launch Party, you’ll want to prepare a list of questions to invite interaction.

What is your book about? If it is a fiction book, consider the research you did about the time, setting, and significant elements of the plot or characters. What questions can you […]

Guest Posting at A Thyme for Writers

I am delighted to be guest posting monthly at A Thyme for Writers where author and fitness aficionado, Karen Van Den Huevel, shares a host of tips to add spice to your life. Each month Karen features a variety of guest contributors who share her love of healthy living inside and out–and the joys […]

Homeschool Plan: 10th Grade Literature Studies

Have you seen what Haley and I are up to this homeschool year as we kick off her sophomore journey into literature and language arts? Click HERE to visit The Writer’s Reverie for an inspiring post about how we’re exploring our WESTERN LITERARY HERITAGE using the excellent overview text, Invitation to the Classics–plus a […]

Wearing Confidence: Guest Post at Almost An Author

I’m excited to see my first guest post published at Almost An Author, whose mission is to equip, educate, and encourage writers, giving new writers a place to learn and grow. I met managing editor, Cherrilynn Bisbano at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference this summer, and was delighted to be invited to submit. We […]

How to Make a Slide-Show Book Trailer

If I want my cat to sit up and pay attention, I pull out the little red dot laser. Up and down and all around the little red dot scurries across the carpet, scales walls, and stops smack dab in front of kitty’s nose. He can’t take his eyes off all the movement and […]

How to Make a Meme with PicMonkey

Got pictures? Get PicMonkey!

That’s what my amazingly talented friend (shout out to business and social media coach, Adrienne Richardson) told me a few years ago when I wistfully sighed, “I wish I could figure out how to put words on top of digital photos.”

The skies opened and rays of light radiated down through the […]

How to Create a Facebook Event Page

You have published a book. That’s quite an event! 

Create a Facebook Event Page to announce the exciting news and connect with readers who will benefit from your book. You can use your Facebook Event as a platform for an Online Book Launch Party. Just look how easy this online social media tool is to […]

Free Admission to GPCWC Keynotes

If you live within day-trip driving distance from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, you may want to save the dates July 26 through 29, and plan to attend the FREE Keynote Addresses featured at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference (GPCWC). Hosted on the campus of Cairn University, the GPCWC Keynotes are highlights of four days of […]

Boys & Reading: Literary Forensic Journals

Reading opens wide the portals of time and space for young and old. Words leap from the pages, captivating readers into worlds of thought and imagination. Of ideas and inspiration. Treasure troves of purpose and potential are discovered there.

But what’s to be done for the student who shrinks from engaging their world and grow into […]

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